3 Simple Ways You Can Recover From Summer Holidays

Holidays are a welcomed break from the normal humdrum of life – but sometimes, what you thought was going to be a break actually causes more anxiety or stress.

While there’s often a lot of pressure for festivities to be all about fun, the holiday aftermath can leave you feeling tired, drained, and in search of the nearest couch.

If holidays leave you feeling more depleted than energized, you aren’t alone. While some may think all holidays should be uplifting and overflowing with love, the boots-on-the-ground reality can be quite different. For many, holidays can bring up emotional baggage, stressful conversations at the dinner table, and that crazy Aunt Marsha who always asks why you don’t have kids yet. #facepalm

Whenever you’re facing a holiday, blocking off time afterward for recovering is a powerful way to refill your cup. Here are six low-key, relaxing ideas for a post-holiday recoup.

1. Sit in silence.

Even taking one minute to sit in silence can help reduce feelings of fatigue or anxiety. It’s as simple as:

  • Finding a quiet place where you can be alone.
  • Taking a few slow, deep breaths. Place your hands over your heart or on your stomach, if you’d like. As you exhale, imagine blowing out all the stress you feel.
  • Check in with how you’re feeling and where you feel tension in your body. Be honest about what you’re experiencing. Try not to judge, and instead focus on experiencing relaxation.

During your check-in, you may notice some unwelcome feelings like burnout, stress, and overwhelm. That’s okay! Becoming aware of your feelings is the first step to improving your mood and reducing your lingering holiday stress.

2. Get into nature.

Nature has a powerful way of regrounding us. There’s just something magical about the sound of wind rustling through the trees, watching little birds flitter around, and breathing in the fresh air.

Set aside sometime in the days following your holiday to go for a walk outside. Stroll around the block or check out a nearby park for some extra exercise and decompression. And while you’re out walking, take the time to slow down and notice what’s around you. There’s beauty everywhere.

3. Call a friend.

We all have that one friend who always brightens our day and lifts our mood. Give them a call for some extra laughter. Even better, go do something fun with them! Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your next friend date:

  • Plan a nice dinner out so you don’t have to try and work around the craziness at home.
  • Spend time painting to get your creative juices flowing again.
  • Practice tai chi or yoga at an outdoor park to breathe out all that pent-up stress.

The goal here is to shift your thoughts off your stress and onto something that’ll feel soooo much more positive.

Relief Is Here

It’s true – holidays can be stressful. But there are ways to recover from your jam-packed celebration. Try out one of these activities to help recenter you to the amazing, positive person you are.

If you aren’t feeling quite like yourself, even after trying one of these techniques, please reach out to our office. We’re here to support you all throughout the year – whether it’s a holiday or not!

Patient Testimonials

Dr Don Sharnowski is a doctor who is above and beyond all other doctors! Probably his most outstanding quality is that he LISTENS to what his patients say. He is willing to explain things to his patients in terms they can understand. Dr Don treats his patients with wisdom, understanding, gentleness, care, encouragement and he is willing to "go the extra mile" to give his patients the proper treatment they need. He does not treat patients like they were on an assembly line or like he is rushing them out the door. Dr Don has fixed many of the problems I had at my first visit, one of which I had endured for 3 years. Dr Don was able to fix that problem in 2 weeks when others had not. Dr Don has also helped me loose 40 lbs so far. My total recovery is still an ongoing process, but should be a cinch with Dr Don's expert help! Thank you, Dr Don! You are an awesome answer to prayers!

Karen G.

Super Awesome Doctor in Overland Park, Kansas!! He really knows his stuff love his Holistic approach. Wish I lived closer so I could see him on the regular, at least we can chat on the regular! Very informative in all aspects of health! Five years ago this man took our health and turned it around 360 degrees. My son got ear infections very often. Both my boys have respiratory issues. My husband asthma and overweight. Myself aches and pains, specifically on my left side and joints. Well needless to say no more ear infections respiratory not nearly as often my husband is 80lbs less and never uses his inhaler . My sons ear infections...What ear infections...They are no longer! Thanks Dr. Don for all you do and have done!!

Lots of Love from The Stevens

Dr Don Sharnowski is truly an amazing Doctor. He listens to his patients and treats in a very complete way. He is very knowledgeable because he never stops learning. He is a great communicator and will help you learn better ways to be healthy if you will actually do what he teaches.

Cassie N.

Don (Dr Sharnowski) is truly one of a kind. He is warm, inviting and incredibly generous with his time, but also really knowledgeable about the body and everything within. You won't find crystal balls here. You'll find a super nice guy in sneakers who also sells farm fresh eggs at the counter. I went in expecting to get adjusted (and was scared, because I'd never seen a chiro before). Instead, what I experienced was someone who actually sat down and listened to my history, connected the dots between several ailments (instead of jumping to prescribe one drug apiece to treat each one), and explained things that no one had ever taken the time to do. I was there about my back specifically, but we talked about my whole health. Instead of just prescribing an anti inflammatory (which is what my other doc did), he explained why we get inflammation in our bodies, and how to help reduce it with what we eat. I've also been on thyroid medication for over 10 years, and he actually explained what the thyroid is, and what the drug I take is, and what it does. But not in a defensive or overly crunchy way. He just openly explained in a way that I could understand it. I highly recommend Don to anyone with a body who wants to feel better. His approach is approachably holistic. Just common sense, whole body-centered treatment.

Megh K.

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