3 Creative Tips to Tame Your Stress

3 Creative Tips to Tame Your Stress

When was the last time a lion chased after you? Probably never, right?

But your body may feel like it’s happening all the time. There’s even a chance that, as you’re reading this sentence, your body is currently caught up in a flight-or-fight mode.

You might be thinking about those errands you have to run or that new project your boss gave you at work. How in the world will you get it all done?!

And as your brain starts to race through each of these scenarios, it’s sending signals to your body that you’re in danger. That causes your body to react. Your heart races and your breath gets shallow.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. This fight-or-flight state is a stress response that’s fueled by the release of the hormone known as cortisol. But not all stress is bad. It only becomes a problem when it’s continual – and this past year hasn’t done us any favors. But lowering your cortisol is more than saying “ohm” and drinking chamomile tea (though those really do help!).

Try calming your nerves with these three out-of-the-box tips:

1.  Try Your Hand at Drawing

If you’re looking for a calmer and more centered mood, look no further than the pages of a sketchbook. Many of us drew or painted as children, and we did so just for the fun of it. We didn’t worry about how good it looked or if we were going to be the next Rembrandt – we just did it for the heck of it.

And guess what, you can still tap into that playful spirit today.

So, next time you feel the stress walls closing in, pick up some colored pencils or a paintbrush – even if it’s just for a few minutes – and doodle your worries away.

2. Create a Daily Ritual

Having a daily ritual that you look forward to every day is a great way to hit your internal reset button. So, think of something that you can do just for you. Something that brings you joy and gives you a bit of a sanity break. Jot down a few ideas, or you can swipe some of ours:

  • Find a quiet spot to enjoy your breakfast each morning. (Tip: Don’t eat in your office or while you’re checking your email.)
  • Sip on some tea in the evenings as you play a few of your favorite songs.
  • Plant a small garden and savor taking care of your flowers or plants.

Your mind will feel comfortable and at peace with daily routines and habits, so creating a healthy micro-break is a perfect mental getaway.

3. De-Stress Based on Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram personality model has been around for a loooong time, but it’s only recently gained popularity in the past decade or so.

The Enneagram system has nine distinct personality types, with each one describing how one views the world and manages their emotions, AKA their stress.

For example, a type one Enneagram is motivated by doing what’s right. They prize strong ethics and the need to be good. So, when they’re stressed, type ones tend to hold onto their views even tighter or judge themselves. For them, managing stress is all about finding ways to help them relieve that inner tension. That can include activities like journaling, watching a comedy (laughter is good medicine!), or taking a few extra breaks during the day.

So, if you don’t already know your Enneagram type, find out here, and get started learning the stress relief strategies that are right for you.

How Will You Tame Your Stress?

Although you can’t avoid stress entirely, there are a ton of things you can do to manage it naturally. For many, building up the strongest defense against stress means incorporating multiple holistic approaches into your normal routines.

If you need help putting together your anti-stress regiment, give our office a call. We love helping our patients melt their stress away!

Patient Testimonials

Dr Don Sharnowski is a doctor who is above and beyond all other doctors! Probably his most outstanding quality is that he LISTENS to what his patients say. He is willing to explain things to his patients in terms they can understand. Dr Don treats his patients with wisdom, understanding, gentleness, care, encouragement and he is willing to "go the extra mile" to give his patients the proper treatment they need. He does not treat patients like they were on an assembly line or like he is rushing them out the door. Dr Don has fixed many of the problems I had at my first visit, one of which I had endured for 3 years. Dr Don was able to fix that problem in 2 weeks when others had not. Dr Don has also helped me loose 40 lbs so far. My total recovery is still an ongoing process, but should be a cinch with Dr Don's expert help! Thank you, Dr Don! You are an awesome answer to prayers!

Karen G.

Super Awesome Doctor in Overland Park, Kansas!! He really knows his stuff love his Holistic approach. Wish I lived closer so I could see him on the regular, at least we can chat on the regular! Very informative in all aspects of health! Five years ago this man took our health and turned it around 360 degrees. My son got ear infections very often. Both my boys have respiratory issues. My husband asthma and overweight. Myself aches and pains, specifically on my left side and joints. Well needless to say no more ear infections respiratory not nearly as often my husband is 80lbs less and never uses his inhaler . My sons ear infections...What ear infections...They are no longer! Thanks Dr. Don for all you do and have done!!

Lots of Love from The Stevens

Dr Don Sharnowski is truly an amazing Doctor. He listens to his patients and treats in a very complete way. He is very knowledgeable because he never stops learning. He is a great communicator and will help you learn better ways to be healthy if you will actually do what he teaches.

Cassie N.

Don (Dr Sharnowski) is truly one of a kind. He is warm, inviting and incredibly generous with his time, but also really knowledgeable about the body and everything within. You won't find crystal balls here. You'll find a super nice guy in sneakers who also sells farm fresh eggs at the counter. I went in expecting to get adjusted (and was scared, because I'd never seen a chiro before). Instead, what I experienced was someone who actually sat down and listened to my history, connected the dots between several ailments (instead of jumping to prescribe one drug apiece to treat each one), and explained things that no one had ever taken the time to do. I was there about my back specifically, but we talked about my whole health. Instead of just prescribing an anti inflammatory (which is what my other doc did), he explained why we get inflammation in our bodies, and how to help reduce it with what we eat. I've also been on thyroid medication for over 10 years, and he actually explained what the thyroid is, and what the drug I take is, and what it does. But not in a defensive or overly crunchy way. He just openly explained in a way that I could understand it. I highly recommend Don to anyone with a body who wants to feel better. His approach is approachably holistic. Just common sense, whole body-centered treatment.

Megh K.

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