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Overland Park, Kansas, is a growing, mature city in western Kansas. Founded in 1905, the city is a thriving example of suburban development. Its development is largely due to the vision of William B. Strang, Jr., who bought 600 acres of land for a new city. Strang planned to build a park-like community with strong commerce, education, and neighborhoods. The city has consistently ranked high on national rankings of quality of life, population growth, and affordability. Check this out

Overland Park is home to a diverse population. Its demographics are reflective of Kansas' overall demographics. The population is mostly Protestant, although it does have a small Muslim community. Muslims in the city attend the Islamic Center of Johnson County, which serves as a mosque and community center. The city also has a growing Hindu and Sikh population.

The community's diverse culture includes a variety of sports, arts, and theater events. There is something for everyone in Overland Park, from interactive sports to heart-pumping live music. In addition to its sports scene, residents enjoy the outdoors. For a tasty treat, the city has a wide selection of bib-worthy eats.

Overland Park, Kansas residents have an average income of $87,629. This is higher than the national median income of $64,994. This city is a great place to live if you are a family-oriented person. However, the city has a high percentage of unemployed individuals and underemployed workers.

The cost of living in Overland Park, Kansas is below the national average. The median home value in the city is $225,000. The median selected monthly owner cost for mortgaged housing units was $1,712 in 2014, while non-mortgaged housing units averaged $570. Likewise, the median gross rent for a home was $974.

The median age in Overland Park, KS is 38.5 years old, whereas the median age for foreign-born residents is 41. Most residents are white, but there are also people of Hispanic or Latino descent. The most common nationalities among Overland Park KS residents are Hispanic or Latino, and Black or African-American.

Near the Kansas City metro area, Overland Park is located on several major highways. The area is home to a number of businesses in different industries, including retail trade and health care. It is a vibrant center for art, culture, and education. In addition, the city is home to a renowned arboretum and botanical gardens. Next blog post

For those looking to educate their children, Overland Park has numerous private schools. Several Catholic parishes are located in Overland Park. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City administers five Catholic schools. These include St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School (Grades K-8) and Holy Trinity Catholic School (Grades 7-12). Also located in the city are the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's Bethany Lutheran School, and the Overland Christian Schools.

For those interested in art, the city's Nerman Museum Of Contemporary Art attracts art lovers. It features the city's minimalist modernism, and was opened by art collectors Jerry and Margaret Nerman. These collectors have made it a point to share their private art collections with the public.


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